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9th Oct 2017 Storage Silo Installation

Manufacture and installation of product silo onto existing steel structure.




1st Jun 2017 New Load Out Facility at Ipswich

Manufacture and installation of road tanker loading facility.


23rd Mar 2017 Silo Cone Sections

Manufacture of 3 silo cones and supporting steelwork all to BS EN 1090.



15th Feb 2017 Reception Hopper

Reception hopper completed and passed full dispatch inspection by customer.



13th Jan 2017 ISO 9001:2015 Transition Achieved

Alphaweld has successfully transitioned to the new ISO 9001:2015.

21st Dec 2016 Rail Foot Bridge

Pedestrian access bridge manufactured and installed.


IMG_6190bridge installation 004rail track bridge complete  001

18th Nov 2016 New 85 ton Iron worker delivered

A new 85 ton Geka Bendicrop has been purchased to replace our 50 ton Kingsland iron worker.

The Kingsland has served us well for 26 years and hopefully the Bendicrop serves us just as well.


Bendicrop 85S


2nd Nov 2016 Installation of Second Cyclone

Second cyclone installation carried out through the central lifting well onto the 7th floor.


    2nd cyclone 012hope 021hope 024




22nd Sep 2016 Installation of First Cyclone

The installation of the first cyclone begins as part of the new kiln upgrade.




















                     hope 020hope 016


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